Contract Based

Various packages are available including just telephone support through to 24 hour support with engineer callout.

Pay as you go / ad-hoc

Support can be provided when you need it. This is charged per incident.


Bespoke Agreements

We provide customised support to companies who need to offer a high level of IT competency but who may not have an internal IT team.

Service monitoring

To allow us to see problems before they are reported, we can monitor the majority of IT equipment and notify you or take action should a critical state occur.

Remote logging

Systems can be configured to send logging data to our logging servers to enable diagnostics and investigations to take place should any incidents occur.

Remote backup

Remote backup has saved many companies from suffering from disruption due to theft or fire where backup tapes become unuseable. We can provide full system recovery, enabling your company to prioritise and focus on getting back to where you left off.

Corporate IT department support

We can supplement your internal IT department by providing access to our capabilities or out of hours support. We can take on tasks that require expertise that are not available internally and help manage peaks where your own resource is tied up.

System healthchecks

Health checks are available, remote or local, for servers and workstations based on Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Occasionally, this is required prior to taking on support contracts.