What is it?

The OpusVL Mail account aggregator is a powerful and secure hosted solution that enables many POP/IMAP email accounts to be automatically collected and forwarded elsewhere.

The service is provider independent so you are not tied to using any particular operating system, web browser, email client, ISP, email provider etc.

Why would I want it?

The mail account aggregator enables you to simplify your mail configuration so you do not have many different accounts configured on your computer. In addition, we can collect your email and pass it on to your corperate mail server or mobile phone.

You may be changing your email address from a free address or broadband provider to your own domain and not want to miss any emails.

This service can be used to collect email from your personal, broaband or domain addresses (BT, NTL etc) and forward to your webmail account (hotmail, Gmail etc).

When you pay per address for spam and email checking, we can move your different email accounts to a single address to save you money.

What are the benefits?

  • Many addresses forwarded to one address
  • Much simpler configuration, only one account to check
  • Redeliver to company servers
  • Enables easy migration to new addresses
  • Provides junk mail filtering on accounts that do not provide this feature
  • Forward pop3 mail to your webmail account
  • Secure access to email accounts
  • Provider independent
  • Reduce license costs
  • Temporarily forward emails to another address

What doesn’t it do?

We cannot collect your Hotmail or Yahoo mail as these providers do not provide mailbox facilities that are accessible as they prefer you to use their interface to support their branding. However, we can collect other accounts and forward the mail to these providers.

Why did OpusVL create this?

Clients migrating to our ISP services and taking on their first domain name found that managing their previous broadband-provided or free email address became complex. Clients using our webmail system could not see emails from other addresses. OpusVL created this in 2004 and have now decided to provide the service to customers.

How do I get it?

Contact our sales department who will discuss your requirement.