Bespoke / open source application and solution development

What is your problem?

If you are looking for a solution to a problem that seems to have no answer, you need to speak to the OpusVL development team. The OpusVL development team thrive on the difficult challenges that our client’s have presented us with over the last decade. Using open-source software enables the most robust and powerful solutions where anything is possible.

At OpusVL we are experts in a wide range of key technologies which allows us to utilise the internet (amongst other mediums) to provide a resolution to vast array of business problems, from sales to logistics or accounting to support.

Speak to us to receive the highest quality consultancy from our experts who will identify areas in your business which can be streamlined, potentially saving your company time and money and giving your clients better value for money.

OpusVL have been providing high quality software and hardware development for their clients since the 1990’s.

What we do

Our development team can provide a quality solution for your business by writing custom computer software to meet your requirements. Our expert software engineers can tailor existing, proven software or develop a completely new system for your business.

We have developed many solutions with a number of advanced and effective features:

  • Fulfilment Intergration – Automated stock orders sent to suppliers to replenish stock as it is sold.
  • Telephony – Automated call out to administrators to join conference call
  • Video Feeds – Public, private and restricted video broadcasts from conferences or security cameras.
  • ERP – Integrating all your business data from sales lead to post sale support and up selling.

Whether you require a completely custom solution built from the ground up or simply require help or advice with an existing solution the development team at OpusVL are here to help.

Who we work with

OpusVL has a proven track record of success working with small and large companies. These include startup companies but we also consult with some of the largest UK financial and infrastructure providers. An OpusVL client would be looking to save money by becoming more efficient or increase revenues by increasing capacity or offering.

How we do it

OpusVL delivers solutions based on open source technology and excellent system design. The key to success is a thorough understanding of the problem that we are solving. Our consultants are experienced at documenting and specifying the requirement and the technical management ensures this is carried out in a timely fashion and that the customer is kept up to date at all times. This enables us to to deliver your project on time and within budget.

To enable our customer to keep up to date with progress and manange their costs and deliverables, OpusVL can provide fixed or time chargeable projects. Time sheets can be provided on a weekly basis to detail exactly where money is being spent. OpusVL provide various communication tools to ensure the engineer, manager, consultant and client have a full on-demand view of issues and progress. For example:

  • Web based tracker
  • IM
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Weekly timesheet reports
Examples of these can be found here.
With OpusVL, you can be confident that your project is well managed and that you will be in full control.