OpusVL brings a fresh, open approach to software solutions. We deliver enterprise systems that deliver high value to your business and provide key support for your strategy. The enterprise systems we deliver incorporate

  • Any number of your business functions
  • The demand and supply sides of your business¬†Illustration of some EP components
  • All of the channels you may use to transact business

Since 2000 we have been exploiting best of breed Open Source information and communications technologies. OpusVL projects are based on an Agile approach to deliver high quality solutions that are designed to meet your challenging business objectives.

Our innovative business model delivers exceptional value for money:

  • We already have the majority of any prospective client system. We have developed one of the most advanced technological development environments that includes best of breed operating software platforms and libraries of 1000s of proven software components.
  • The cost of OpusVL solutions is based on professional services. There are no licence fees for the software platforms and libraries we employ.

We are able to devote a high proportion of our efforts on engaging with and understanding the needs of your business. We reduce the task of writing software to customisation. This means we are able to deliver solutions that provide real value to your business at a low cost.

Typically a £1M development project would cost some £250K with OpusVL.