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Open source software & applications
  • Operating systems   ( 2 Articles )

    An operating system is the software installed on a computer that connects the user applications to the hardware. This is also referred to as OS or O/S. Almost every computing device now runs an operating system to enable applications to be installed and removed and alter the use of a device. An example of a computing device that does not typically (at this time) run an OS is a standard calculator.

    The articles in this section provide information on open-source operating systems.

  • Programs and applications   ( 2 Articles )

    Computer programs and applications run on top of the operating system. In some cases, the program is a layer between the OS and another application.

    A program consists of instructions for a particular purpose. This layer enables a user to interact with the hardware inside the computer to execute calculations, send information to a printer, another computer or screen.

    The articles in this section describe open-source applications that we are familiar with and their uses.

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