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Linux solutions
Products & Services - Linux Solutions

Linux servers

With many years expertise in Linux solutions, we are familiar with most aspects of Linux servers. A Linux server can provide many facilities and offer excellent reliability.

Some popular options:

  • IM Server
  • Email server
  • Webmail
  • ERP / SME applications
  • Thin client boot
  • Desktop / Terminal server
  • Virus scanning server
  • Network firewalling
  • Database server
  • File sharing
  • Network backup
  • Resource sharing (printers / scanners etc)
  • Network faxing
  • Network connection sharing

Embedded Linux devices

Linux can be installed on many devices from a PDA to a router. We can provide pre-installed solutions customised to your requirements.

Linux workstations

Many computer users are keen to look for alternative desktop operating systems and move away from the common proprietary systems. In many cases, Linux is suitable and frequently superior. We can assess your situation and advise the best options.

Terminal servers / Thin clients

A terminal server enables centralised management of systems and security providing a very robust solution for local and remote workers. If you need high availability at low cost, a terminal server is the best route to success. Common solutions include LTSP, Tcos and Thinstation.



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